Wi-Fi 6 AX1800 SME Access Point RUIJIE RG-AP810-L


Wi-Fi 6 AX1800 SME Access Point RUIJIE RG-AP810-L

– Ruijie RG-AP810-L is a cost-effective entry level wireless access point with Wi-Fi 6 dual-radio, dual-band design. It not only has the simplicity and flexibility for small and medium sized enterprise, but the features, functionality, and performance quality to scale up to large-enterprise network deployments.

– Ruijie RG-AP810-L supports maximum of 1.775Gbps wireless throughput when 80MHz bandwidth in 5G radio mode adopted (HE80). It fully complies with Wi-Fi 6 features and guarantees minimal signal interference and maximum 512 clients.

– Maximum ROI (Lifetime free cloud management & WIS optimization service).

– HE80 Supported for Higher Throughput with Latest Wi-Fi 6 Chipsets.

– Hybrid Management (Cloud/Controller/Standalone).

– Automated Radio Optimization by Artificial Intelligence.

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